About the Campaign

Upstart Scotland launched its ‘Play Not Tests at P1’ campaign on 23rd April 2018. We hope over the coming months to get our message out to parents, grandparents, teachers and everyone interested in the well-being and educational success of Scotland’s children.

Our blog at the beginning of that month gives the background to the campaign but there are many other blogs that refer to the problems of testing young children, such as:
Assessment – yes. Standardised tests – no!
Ten Reasons why testing at P1 is wrong.

There are also plenty of blogs discussing the importance of play, especially for the under-sevens, including
The Silence of the Weans
But my five-year-old is ready for school.

You can read the document we sent to all MSPs here and keep up with the campaign by registering for our monthly newsletter (on the right-hand side of this website’s front page) or following us on Facebook (Upstart Scotland) or Twitter (@Upstart Scot).

We’ll soon be adding more materials to this section, including an animated video and resources for our forthcoming Opt-Out campaign. So please keep in touch.

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