About the Campaign

Capture1Since Upstart Scotland launched our ‘Play Not Tests at P1’ campaign in April (see launch document), all Scotland’s five-year-olds have sat the first round of tests (you can read about them here). We have now produced a 2-minute animated video explaining why we believe five-year-old children need ‘play not tests’ and are urging parents to opt their children out of the tests.  We’ve produced postcards to make the process as easy as possible.optout postcard

To receive a few for your own use, please send a stamped addressed envelope to Kate Pass, 3f2, 23 Bruntsfield Gardens, Edinburgh, EH10 4DX.  Larger quantities can be collected from ‘depots’ around the country (see current list) or from the four other national organisations whose logo is on our website. To see the message to the head teacher, click on the picture.

If you are told that children can only be withdrawn from classwork in ‘exceptional circumstances’, just explain that national standardised testing at this age is exceptional, and contrary to the play-based principles of Curriculum for Excellence‘s ‘Early Level’. Research shows NO long-term educational benefit to pressurising children in the three Rs at the age of five, but there may be long-term ill-effects in terms of mental health and well-being. As long as the P1 tests are there, it will be impossible for schools to provide the type of early years education that international research shows works best for the under-sevens.

Upstart is now working with a growing coalition of national organisations who believe firmly that Play Not Tests is the way to go in P1/2.

We’d love to hear (via info@upstart.scot) from any other organisations who’d like to join us.

You can see our leaflet on Play Not Tests for P1 here.  Copies are available by contacting us at info@upstart.scot. Postcards and leaflets will also be available at the meetings Upstart is arranging around the country during the course of the 2018-19 school year. You can find out about these (and other events where Upstart speakers will be present) by registering for our monthly newsletter on the front page of this website or following us on social media:  Twitter (@UpstartScot) and Facebook (Upstart Scotland).

Upstart supporters have also started a chalking campaign, with pictures on social media.

Chalking collage 6-9-18


Collage 15-9-18

22-9-18 collage

Photos are coming in every day from all over the country. We hope they will alert parents and politicians across Scotland to the campaign and send them to our website to find out more.