Where next: Upstart strategy for the coming months

At present we have four main aims:

1) To continue to publicise Upstart as widely as possible and attract more parents and professionals to the campaign cause. So please keep up all the good work – talking about Upstart with colleagues and acquaintances, spreading with word through social media, events such as coffee meet­ups and – once you’ve recovered from the launch – organising other activities and ‘piggybacking’ on related activities in your area. If you’ve run out of leaflets, remember there are downloadable ones on the website here

2) To investigate ways in which a play­based kindergarten stage can be introduced in Scotland.

  • Professor John Davis of the University of Edinburgh has offered to set up a working group, under the auspices of Common Weal, to look into the practicalities and policy implications and we hope to discuss this issue at the Upstart AGM, to be held in Perth on Sunday 26 date)
  • We are in touch with several primary schools in Scotland that already apply an Upstart philosophy in their P1/2 classes and would love to hear from more. Please contact us at info@upstart.scot

3) To find sources of funding to finance Upstart through the next three years. So far, Upstart has been funded by Sue but we now need further streams of funding to keep it going – especially as the movement has grown so rapidly (we now really need administrative help). We’re looking into various possibilities and would be grateful for any suggestions.

4) To begin rallying cross­party political support. This is clearly not going to be easy! However, we have to start somewhere and think the full­length version of the video the best way to engage MSPs with the campaign at the moment.

We are, of course, keen to hear suggestions about further policy/strategy from supporters. Please contact us at info@upstart.scot so we can take ideas forward to the AGM.