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Upstart produces a monthly Newsletter for supporters with a blog, news round-up, useful links and other items of interest.  It’s usually published around the beginning of the month. The following links take you to previous issues:



February: International testing plans for 4/5-year-olds … and other EY news

January: 20 things Upstart wants for Scotland’s under-sevens in 2017…



December: Why Scotland’s under-sevens need to be outdoor and active!

November: How we can change outdated attitudes to ‘Early Years’ and early learning?

October: Raising attainment starts with nurture, nature and play for the under-sevens

August: The vital importance of play-based education for the under-sevens

July: Changing the ethos of early education in Scotland – next steps

June: Taking Upstart forward – help us change the ethos of early years education

Launch special: Campaign Launch – one step nearer to play­-based kindergarten for Scotland!

May: Upstart launches May 15th: an idea whose time has come

April: Upstart needs YOU to help with the National Launch!

March: Upstart: ready for life (not just school)

February: Upstart is up and running!

January: Let’s make 2016 the year Scotland ‘reclaims childhood’ for the under-sevens 



December: Will a four ­year­ old near you start school next year?

November: Schoolification isn’t working

October: Big Picture — Small Children (why Upstart is about far more than early years education)

September: Testing times for Scottish children… and other news from Upstart 

August: New campaign about care and education of children aged 3 to 7