Upstart’s national launch was on May 15th 2016 when we built a ‘tower of evidence’ outside the Scottish Parliament.


Upstart is such a new idea for most people that our main task is to change public perceptions of what effective educational provision for the under-sevens is all about, and the central significance of play. For that we need your help to spread the word and develop local networks of supporters.

Upstart also needs your help to develop as a national movement that will help Scotland deliver the principles behind Getting It Right for Every Child, Curriculum for Excellence and other policy documents.

To help us gather momentum, please get involved with the events we publicise in the newsletter. And – since Upstart has so far been financed out of our own pockets – please lend support to our fundraising activities.

Spread the word

1) Follow us on social networks and share our posts fas widely as possible.

2) Register to receive the monthly newsletter and forward it to people you think may be interested, suggesting they sign up too.

3) If you blog, please blog about Upstart. Please talk about us in real life too!

4) Raise the question of early education with MSPs and local councillors and ask them to check out

5) Display one of the Upstart banners (below) on your website, Facebook page, etc. Print out enlarged versions to display in your windows/car/anywhere people might notice them.




Local networks

1) At present there are ten local networks:

There’s growing interest in Upstart all round Scotland and we’re keen to set up local networks in as many areas as possible. All that’s needed to get a network up and running is someone to convene a launch meeting and act as a contact point with the national campaign. Please contact if you could spare a little time to take on this role in your part of Scotland.

2) Come along to a network meeting (details will appear in the Newsletter) and meet other Upstart supporters. Swap email addresses so you can keep in contact.

3. Join in the discussion on the local Network Forums. We need your help to plan for the launch and develop a strategic plan for the campaign in the future.

National movement

1) Send us links to any useful information/articles/videos related to Upstart that we could put out via newsletter or social media (

2) To ensure media coverage at and after the launch, we need ‘real ­life stories’. If you’re a parent or professional with a story that supports Upstart‘s case, we’d be very grateful to hear it at the address above.

3) The more high-­profile figures that are prepared to support Upstart, the more attention it’ll draw to the campaign. If you know any famous Scots or people with a profile in education or other children’s services, please tell them about the website and – if they agree with the arguments – encourage them to contact to add their support.

4) We’re still thinking of ways to publicise the campaign and carry it forward. Any ideas you have would be welcome at the address above. As will ideas for fund­raising events.

Get involved

1) We’ll keep you in touch with all developments via the newsletters and social networks. Please lend your support to any event that happens locally or nationally, and spread the word about it to friends and colleagues.

2) Upstart now has a Treasurer and a bank account but no actual income as yet. Ideas for fundraising will therefore be gratefully received and donations of any size are very welcome to help us produce leaflets and posters, and to finance events at the launch. Also, if you know of any rich philanthropists who might support our aims, please put us in touch!

You can make a donation here to help Upstart keep fighting for children’s right to play-based education in the early years.